Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Rank On Google: How To Manage SEO For Events

For most events, search can be expected to drive between 5-10% of ticket purchases or registrations. But these sales aren’t automatic — it takes dedicated effort to make your event rank in Google search results.
The key is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or, put more simply, designing your event page to show up at the top of search results. Here are three basic principles to follow to get your event to rank on Google.

Use descriptive keywords in your title and event summary

Keywords — the words that a potential attendee would search on Google to find your site — are the heart of SEO. You’ll want to use keywords strategically on your event page, especially in your event name and description.
Sometimes, this means putting creativity aside for a straightforward name. For example, if you host a beer festival, you want to make sure your event name has the term “beer festival” in it, since that keyword is searched nearly 3,000 times per month on Google. (You can find out which keywords have the highest search volume for your event using Google AdWords — find out how here.)
Search engines know that events are timely and location-based, so they will use your event’s date and location to determine its ranking. That means you want to make sure the date and location are front and center in your event description. It’s also a good idea to repeat geographic terms like “Northern California” and “New York City” in your copy.
You increase your chances of ranking even more if you include your city or state in the title of your event. For example, nearly 200 people search for beer festivals in Los Angeles each month. That means naming your event the “Los Angeles Beer Festival” or “Craft Beer Festival: Los Angeles” could pay off in major traffic.
If you’re directing traffic to your own event page, make sure your domain name (or URL) also includes the keyword-optimized name of your event.
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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Beyond local SEO: Greg Gifford on how to win the visibility race

Last Friday at a packed-out Brighton SEO conference, expert local search consultant Greg Gifford delivered a fast and furious presentation on the secrets of local marketing visibility: it’s not just about local SEO.
In a slide-show brimming with references to classic car movies, Greg Gifford raced through a host of tips and tricks that can massively improve your business’s local visibility and let you storm ahead of the competition.
The days of “just having a website” and trying to make it rank near the top are over; it takes more than just SEO to market to local customers. That’s not to say that local SEO isn’t important, of course, but it shouldn’t be your only consideration.

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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Is SEO Right For Your Business?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is still a buzzword. If you’re not an SEO expert, you probably either think your company needs SEO but don’t know the first thing about it, or you know you need SEO and think you can do it yourself. But is SEO even the right fit for your company?
I spoke with my friend Tony Tovar, founder of LocalReachPros.com (a specialty SEO company) about decision-making factors and how a company can know if SEO is the right choice when evaluating its advertising budget. Here are some insights I had after our conversation:

Importance of SEO
Search engines have become today’s Yellow Pages. If your company would have paid for a Yellow Pages ad 15 to 20 years ago, you now want your business to appear at the top of search engine results pages. Even B2B buyers conduct research online before contacting a company’s sales team. SEO takes into account your company’s online reputation and overall presence.

For example, if Company A has a great reputation and publishes articles written by its management team on its website, it may have a good ranking for searches. Company B has a great website with all the pieces Company A has, and they also encourage their executive team to write for other websites and be quoted in other places around the web. They also have a fantastic social media plan. Company B will show higher in search.

Google’s latest algorithm, Hummingbird, emphasizes the intention of the searcher. It’s great if you understand your buyers’ intention, but it’s far more important to understand what Google thinks the intentions of your prospects and buyers are. Knowing how to optimize your website, offers and messaging around what Google believes the intention to be will not only save you thousands of dollars in your advertising budget, but it can also substantially increase your lead acquisition efforts and sales.

Some of Our SEO Results 
I’ve seen 52 percent more visitors to StandOut Authority after enacting an intentional SEO strategy. It took about six months, but we started seeing a trickle of more visitors within about three weeks of starting our campaign.

Monday, 1 February 2016

No-Hype SEO: A Realistic Formula For Making SEO Work For Your Business, Part 2

In part 1 of this series, we talked about the origins of good marketing, how SEO fits into modern marketing, why it’s the most dependable and consistent form of quality lead generation, and (most importantly) how to start your SEO machine.
Today, we’re diving into the last two levels that will take you from just generating leads to collecting a return on your leads (revenue).
Here are the four levels:
  1. High Level (search terms, PPC terms).
  2. Top of Funnel (indirect content).
  3. Blog Level (relevant blog topics and lead generation tools).
  4. Back End (marketing automation and database marketing).
Most marketers think of their marketing as having two distinct phases: attracting and converting.
The problem with this approach is that it leaves much to be desired on the third (and arguably most important) part of your marketing: trust building.
Based on my own experience, the most effective three-step process for a profitable marketing and lead generation system is attraction (collect the lead), trust building (earn their trust) and conversion(make the sale). Here is where this SEO formula starts to pay off.

Trust Building, Built Right In

Ideally, your prospects are searching you out. They scour the internet looking for solutions to their problems. By now, you have put together a list of the common phrases for which they’re searching (homework from part 1), and you’ve got a list of topics that attract interested prospects to your site (also homework from part 1).
Now, they read your articles, attend your webinars or otherwise consume your content and attribute the learning to you. You are the person who has helped them solve their problem (at least partially), and that generates an extraordinary amount of trust.
Contrast this with paid traffic, where the goal is to monetize as quickly as possible. I’m all for monetization, but one of the problems with it is that the leads you generate do not know you and do not trust you, which makes it hard to convert them into customers.
Never forget, your customers and clients are real people, not dollar bills; they have real problems, struggles and questions. Smart marketers offer help in trade for their prospects’ trust and attention, and only then do they offer the opportunity for the sale.
Next, let’s dive into level 3: Blog level.

Turn Visitors Into Leads

Armed with your list of PPC terms and your list of related interest terms, you can now go about creating your blog topics and “opt-in” assets.
We’ve talked about the decision patterns of your prospects, and at this level they are likely looking for buying information. Picking up the example from part 1 of this post, assume you are a digital marketing consultant from Boston.
We identified your PPC terms as follows:
  • Email marketing consultant Boston
  • Digital Marketing Agency
  • Experienced Infusionsoft Consultant
  • Landing page optimization expert
Your top-of-funnel terms include:
  • How To Make Better Email Newsletters
  • How To Create Profitable AutoResponder Series
  • Compare Infusionsoft to Hubspot
  • Case Study of Email Marketing for eCommerce Business
You’ll want to grab a pen (or open a spreadsheet) and begin crafting “opt-in” assets that can take an interested visitor and turn them into a lead. They’ve read your blog post titled, “How to Make Better Email Newsletters,” and now they want more information. This is where SEO begins to pay off.
In this case, you could have a white paper titled, “White Paper: How To Double Your Profits Using This Proven Newsletter Template.” The catch: this piece of content is “gated,” meaning the visitor must trade their contact information to download the white paper.
This is most likely not a problem, because they’ve likely searched for you on Google (using your PPC terms, such as “Email Marketing Consultant Boston”), found your site and read your articles (including “How to Make Better Email Newsletters”), and now they have trust in the fact that you are indeed the expert and are interested in helping themThey’re primed to download this white paper and become a lead.
See how this works?
Next up, you need a regimen that will maximize marketing outreach until they become a sale. That’s called “database marketing” or “back-end marketing,” and it’s Level 4 of our SEO system.

The Final Level: Turning Leads Into Money

When a lead comes into your universe, it’s important that they are segmented appropriately from the beginning. In other words, if a lead comes through the system outlined above, they are (obviously) interested in creating newsletters that create sales for their business.
Of course, you don’t want to start hitting them over the head with sales messages on unrelated topics, as they are likely to opt out. However, if someone becomes a lead off of a white paper titled, “Infusionsoft Vs. Hubspot: Pros and Cons Revealed,” then you can certainly pitch Infusionsoft, as they have shown direct interest. Segmentation is very important in making sure your SEO creates actual profits.
Autoresponder sequences can now be geared up to offer more information, more training, and sales messages specifically tailored to the type of offer the lead wants to buy. For each top-of-funnel term, you are going to need an “opt-in” offer and an autoresponder sequence specifically written for that term.
So here’s our sequence:
PPC Term > Top-Of-Funnel Content > Opt-In Asset > Custom Autoresponder
And here’s how that would look with the examples given thus far:
Email marketing consultant Boston (PPC Term) > “How to Make Better Email Newsletters” (Top of Funnel Content) > White Paper: How To Double Your Profits Using This Proven Newsletter Template (Opt-In Asset) > 12 emails directing to content and training and offers for email newsletter services
This is a powerful marketing tool for any e-commerce business. When you use your autoresponder sequences to push people back to related blog posts and content, it not only can generate more profit, but it also has the potential to further boost your SEO rankings. Think of it as a cyclical system that can be adapted to fit almost any industry.
If you have any questions related to your specific industry, please ask me on Twitter.
Check out Part 1 for more information on making SEO work and generating more traffic for your business:

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Web Development Company

Proper web development company services are required for your website to perform good on the internet. Web development not only ensures the proper utilization of the server and other web resources but takes care of the proper programming of your website in a suitable language and with output rate. 

Proficient site improvement obliges a great deal more than a conspicuous, flashy, splendidly colored animations and lively photographs. It takes design of high plan protocols, ease of use studies and new web improvement innovation that'll help your organization convey to more potential clients. All our staff and administration know professional site outline all around, the confirmation of that is in our site itself. POT is an expert site outline organization that stands for quality, clean site advancement and remarkable client help.

There are various web development applications and software’s in the field and to use them keenly and providing your website a better safety standard is a good web development companies jo. Ensuring the website is correctly configured on a web server with less load and to ensure a good download of the website are amongst few of the web development companies jobs. The web development field further support a proper SEO of your website too. Not to mention a badly developed website could hinder a website SEO results too. Further a good development company would ensure a proper database connectivity and other aspects of the website. 

We each and every member of Place on Top provides web design solutions which helps your company to stand out from your competitors nationally as well as internationally. We aim at providing the best website design and SEO services in India and abroad as well. We have helped many small companies to grow large on the internet and spectacularly increase their online revenues. It is an online business solutions providing company to be optimized properly and makes every effort hard to produce effective and reliable websites.

When you approach POT for your site improvement needs, you'll be approaching an expert configuration organization that prides itself on supplying outwardly dazzling custom page outline that helps your business work better, Clean web plan that keeps your guests joyful, and an expert custom web advancement result that has our demographic accomplishing more business online than at any other time.

POT is an expert web configuration and advancement organization working with elevated amount of adroitness in outlining sites to help achieve your objectives. We mean to offer custom sites that will come about to real deals and development for your business. 
Each organization has a one of a kind perspective and requirements for their sites. We adjust these business needs and feel by using diverse developments in designing and creating destinations. We make techniques and plans that will empower you to take after the inventive and specialized methodology. 

Life is lived online in this day and age and people are increasingly starving for the best sites for more genuine information and quick online access. Designing is a part of giving a life to the site but development is an inviolate part of the site to get life, just like an oxygen to the body that not only grabs the customer’s attention but also keep them coming back for more. 

Place On Top is a web development company in Delhi providing quality web development and SEO solutions.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Search Engine Optimization SEO

Website streamlining is the procedure of advancing or programming a specific site or page in such a route, to the point that it positions high on the web search tool positioning results. 

For a long time man has been in quest for new and additionally the old. The day man began noting down history, its hunt down all what happened in history developed much more. For the researcher it never finished from the earliest starting point. They are conceived with a pizzazz to hunt down something they can't live without looking off. 

 Search the numbers; you come to know the separations between nations and planets. Look the cure to help maintain people from different illnesses. Look a formula to extinguish the taste buds of your tongue. Seek a system to get the explanations for all. Scan for a machine that could help the human humankind and let do numerous things without any difficulty. 

This inquiry in present day days is currently controlled well by the web crawlers. Web search tools like Google, Yahoo, MSN/ Bing and then some. They are arranging the entire information on the Internet in a greatly improved manner to present it before the individuals who come scanning for it. 

"Search" fundamentally intends to discover, look for, search for, and investigate and so on. So it might not be excessively wrong on the off chance that you could call the internet searchers as discover motors or discovering motors as well. In any case I think the saying; hunt was picked on the grounds that it appears to have a bigger connection in correlation to alternate equivalent words. 

"Engine" is a mechanical or programming element that performs an assignment to provide for you a transformed yield. The product motors or the internet searchers prepare the site pages and sites in a more sorted out way to rate them for pertinence for different pivotal words. With the goal that when individuals hunt down a specific magic word, the web searches tools present those pages which have been sorted crosswise over for those pivotal words. 

"Optimization" is refining. The pages of sites are refined to the best with the goal that they are not punished by the internet searchers. Presently since there are numerous essential words and numerous site pages for those single catchphrases. The web search tool robots then search for each one of those pages which have those decisive words yet with the most importance.SEO is further segregated in 2 parts, i.e.

1. On Page SEO
2. Off Page SEO

On page SEO is a process or a collection of all procedures done to do SEO on coding of that page itself. This includes:

• Title Tag Optimization
• Description Tag Optimization
• Keyword Tag Optimization
• Other Tags Optimization
• Image tag Optimization using title and alt text optimization.
• Adequate text on the page containing keywords to focus.
• Using heading tags where ever applicable.
• and more .. 

Off page optimization generally consists of 2 major constituents.
• Back links: That is how many websites and quality websites give your website a link back to increase the popularity of your website.
• Organizing proper hierarchy and connection of pages in the right manner and enabling maximum page encashment of that domain.

Look has never finished and will never end too; it is this inquiry that prompt Google turns into a super power on the planet and difficulties the station of the greatest players in the realm of machines and web like Microsoft and Apple. You are finished with one and it begins off with the other. For the individuals who are on otherworldly ways, they have the journey to know the genuine truth. They need the significance of one thing or idea and after getting a reply; it leaves with the conception of an alternate and afterward the other, and afterward the following et cetera. For the time a mystic even discovers God, I am certain he might inquire as to why God? The hunt proceeds interminable. 

In today's reality, we have the web search tools, which are doing extraordinary by sorting out the world information in a highly composed way to help satisfy the inquiry of a lot of people in whatever viewpoint they come in scanning for. Be it a solution for their journey to life or an administration or an item or a producer of a machine, or a cure for an infection et cetera. Individuals go on the web search tools to get the responses and assets for the same. 

Prior it was outlining site to a great format, then came the time for sufficient utilities on the web utilizing great web improvement and now it is the website streamlining which is obliged to get the sites or pages up on the web index positioning pages.  

There are different SEO organizations on the planet. Get an arrangement of SEO organizations in India from Placeontop.com which additionally serves as web architect in Delhi.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Uniting SEO and CRO for Higher Conversion Rate

CRO is the exploratory study, dissection and after that execution of different streamlining techniques for the different site components like outline, improvement, reliability and so forth on the site in addition to off page components too, to expand the rate of change of all the one of a kind guests going to your site to the amount of guests doing at last what you need them to do or the intention of your site. 

After a client arrives on your site, how often does he purchase your item or administration decides the transformation rate. A Conversion Rate is the degree of the clients going by your site who at last do what you need them to do on your site or what your site is expected for TO the aggregate number of one of a kind guests going to your site. Also to streamline a site or a website page to expand the change rate is Conversion Rate Optimization. 

CRO has imperative influence in online advancements as a definitive soil grown foods of the SEO is the transformation of the leads on the site. SEO is the exchanging of client from the internet searcher positioning pages of a SEO site and CRO is to at long last change over that client arriving on the site to give a last transformation with the end goal of site.

Though there are many factors to increase the CRO and every factor could make a difference done effectively with precise. A simple phenomenon for increasing CRO is to make your website as simple and self explanatory as possible. For the fact if your website is a complex one, the users has more chances of getting confused or get diverted from the main reason of your website. Simplicity could be further attained from a proper web design layout which is not to hosh posh and shows your product or service simply through less text and numbers on it. People love to see more of pictures and less of numbers.

Avoid extra applications/ add ons or advertisements on your website that drive the attention of the user elsewhere that come on your website unless advertisements are the real motive of your website. Pops ups are outdated today and ideally should be complete avoided. If you still wish the website to have come advertisements, keep it to the positions and amounts where they get attention when the customer has made up his mind to not to go for your main purpose of website.

Landing up the user of your website on the correct or most relevant page through SEO is very important. If a user lands up on your website from a SERP (Search Engine ranking pages) for what we searched for and does not get what he is looking for, he is bound to leave in no time leading to decrease in conversion rate. Your site should be optimized for the most relevant matter. Geographically targeted SEO: Say for example you are making a website for a service to cater specifically in Delhi, it is better that you SEO your website for that area more to get more relevant audience of that region.

Even if the site is relevant and does not have credibility, the user does not buy if he thinks he will not get what you are actually showing him. Thus Credibility plays a great role in CRO. All set, the site is relevant and the website has credibility too and the customer also is now interested to buy, but keeps searching for the exact item he is looking for or finds the item and you take him to too many places before the checkout, the customer can get frustrated and leaves your website leading to a decrease in CRO. 

From the earliest starting point to the end it is the configuration and improvement course you take the client which is exceptionally essential keeping in mind the end goal to make a brisk transformation of your click to a last lead. Numerous configuration components help you on that like utilizing a differentiating catch with foundation for the particular case that is the most imperative etc. 

The work of the SEO Company completes once the client grounds up on your site, the CRO work begins from that point on.